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Full text of "Wacky Waiters (1983)(Imagine)"

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Wbf fcing as a government i >• ItaJU lull tun e 

(on iho dolo) is not really ihe job lot vou. so you 

10 go in search of some way ol earning a quick buck 

>: you arc unable to find a vo 
anywhere, unol you spot a vacancy sign hanging in the 
; wn a quiet side street You 
• place to find the vacancy l* 
let pure desperauon lor work makes you applr 
ltd the mean looking boss man decides 

You are soon lilted out in your natty waistcoat and 

._ ready to servo the customers every v.;. 
wait in the recopnon I ill, and 11 due. 

long for the lirstgue.' 
run to find out what they require ml 
as il passes taking you up::.- 
been colled to the third flour so on thai floor you k 
You have lo wait for 'ho no v R I 
nmed it wrong an«d your up is dropping t J 

I :.e lift finally ; • u have 

the knack you race m:o the next lift ands: 

. ■-efinalhiisoyouwaitionitopasstheflt 

.:.: is waving, out you leap anc ; - 

.all and of! you run to the floor w 
wine is served pick up the glasses of wine anc 
them and pick up your very small tip You are c . 
: so the quicker you learn this waiter iar-- 
botter for you Returning to the reception there is 
already a call for you. andonce again you b i 
merry way But remember the manager w 
around and if you tnp on your way into the lift y . 
get a written warning and if he sees you you'll be 
Please lurn over 

sacked on me spol The up is always dropping and it you 
riaven'i served them by the time it reaches zero they 

• -pw back then diink and in a drunken stupor 
come and find where you have gone to II they do find 
you 'hey will not be too pleased and probably knock 
your dnnks everywhere, theu complaints to the 

tging yot another written warning That's 
nvo written warnings, another one and you'reouton your 
butt, so be warned 

Vbp, the life of a waiter sure ain't an easy one 
THE STATUS LINES The top row shows from loft to 
r.ght The current value of the tip you can earn The 

: eady earned The highest amount 
earned so far this session The bonom status hne. far 
r.^rr The number of written warnings you have 
received (three written warnings and you are sacked, 
with one warning removed for every TEN POUND 

SCORES Your earnings are increased by tho tip 
indicated in the status line, the np starts at 99p for each 
customer call and decreases the longer you take to 
seive the customer. 

HOW TO CONTROL THE WAITER There are a large 
rjirnber of keys which may be used You should choose 
the combination with which you feel most comfortable. 
LEFT The keys to move left are on the lowest keyboard 

jinning with SHIFT every alternative key may be 
-isec. i e SHIFT, X. V N. etc You can also use any o! the 
keys on the second row down, re O.WE.R etc 
(except RESTORE or CTRL) 

RIGHT The remaining keys on the bottom row may be 
•-• Z. C B M. etc And also any of 
1 1 on the third row down. i.e. A, S. D, F. etc. (except 
.'TOP or SHIFT LOCK) If you have joysticks 

te you may plug them into the connector on the 
the computer Any standard switch type 
will work including the ATARI ones When using the 
joystick pushing left or right will move the waiter in that 

direction Pressing the button on the joystick will start 
tho game whim the message-PRESS ANY KEY ' 
on the screen 

LOADING Conned Ihe cassette recorder to your 
VIC-20 and switch the computer on Place Hie 
into your tape record*: with the printed side fa 
upwards Rewind tho tape to the beginmi. 1 
one way to load WACKY WAITERS Whilst holding down 
either of the two shift keys ptc-ss the key moke 
STOP The message "PRESS PI.AY ON TAPE" should 
appear on the screen. Press play on the cassette 
recorder The computet should print ihe • 
'SEARCHING* I! yen do not sec thin mnpsan. 

■ -ampulei and try again 
If loading is successful a ::.- I .appear on the 

screen within 30 seconds The process 
automatic from thwe on. Strange characters will appeal- 
on the screen after aoout a minute This is par: I * 

WACKY WAITERS works on the basic unexpai. 
VIC 20, requiring nc : msionoipo:.; 

except the standard Commodore cassette recorder